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In any successful ad campaign, it is important for your business to be visible at the specific time your potential customer is searching for your product. A pay per click campaign, in particular Google AdWords allows you to be one of the first ranking pages, above all of the organic ranked pages and is something that we recommend to all of our clients. It is important to have a good landing page with a high conversion rate to make sure that you’re getting the most out of each click. A well set up campaign can completely transform a business, while a poorly set up campaign can potentially cost your business thousands in ad spend with minimal financial return.

A pay per click or PPC advertising is one of the most cost effective ways to generate leads, increase conversion numbers and in doing so is a great way to get your brand name out there. A closely managed and optimised campaign using pay per click strategies will make sure that the business receives a steady amount of strong, targeted leads. Pay per click marketing can be extremely effective and profitable for your business as the traffic is pre-qualified as they are already searching for the specific product or service being advertised.

A strategically planned and well set up pay per click campaign that is in conjunction with a high converting landing page will bring your business a consistent flow of reliable, prequalified enquiries. We design and build all of our Google AdWords and search engine marketing campaigns to maximise the return on investment for our clients by improving their quality scores with continuity from ad to landing page, reduce the cost per click cost while at the same time identifying the best performing ad position with the auction process.

At DC Digital, this is what we believe is the secret to a high performing, profitable pay per click campaign:

  • Being able to segment traffic across different types of devices, being mobile, tablet and desktop devices
  • The ability to analyse and track specific site visitors
  • Specific keyword research to ensure that you utilise highly searched for terms
  • Precise scheduling of ads to generate the highest possible return on investment for the campaign
  • Testing and analysing different keyword types to ensure the most effective combination is used
  • Ensuring that the campaign and landing page combination achieves the greatest PPC return on investment
  • Easy to understand campaign reporting for clients

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AdWords Management Brisbane